Editor’s Note: This is the second in a two-part series. Read Part One.

Hello, again! In 2015, Microsoft both pleased and angered many loyal followers with the release of Windows 10. As with any new release of a popular operating system, there were a few wrinkles to iron out. Fortunately, they did this quite successfully last month with an updated release, Windows 10 Anniversary.

Windows 10 is loaded with useful features and functionalities for everyone, and the Anniversary edition makes it even better than before. In a previous article I covered five cool features of Windows 10, and as promised, I’m back with five more handy features of Microsoft’s Windows 10.

6) OneDrive

OneDrive is a file storage service from Microsoft that allows users to sync files and share access to them through web browsers and mobile devices. Prior to a successful lawsuit against Microsoft, OneDrive was previously called SkyDrive, Windows Live SkyDrive, and Windows Live Folders.

OneDrive lets you specify between files and folders that you want to put securely on the Internet and the folders that you need on both your computer devices. This is advantageous for today’s business environment where users frequently need to access data on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs on remote locations.

WIndows 10 is better than ever.OneDrive users get 15GB of free storage space, as well as the ability to increase that amount as needed. Since OneDrive is a Microsoft platform, it operates seamlessly with other Office apps, like Word, Excel, and so forth.

Users can easily store photos, documents and videos on OneDrive and then access them through various devices. Locating files is easy since they are stored and organized by type. It’s also simple to link OneDrive to all of the popular social network sites. In a nod to security, permissions for individual users can be set ranging from read-only to complete access and editing.

7) Lots of Apps

If you like apps, then Windows 10 most certainly has an “app for that.” Windows 10 has all the big name apps, in fact they have a whole lot of apps — more than 700,000, with more being added every day.

Although most Windows applications were originally designed for desktop PCs, Microsoft has strongly encouraged developers to create apps that alter their interface based on a user’s device. Many app developers have since developed new versions of their apps just for Windows 10. Examples of apps that work well on desktops and automatically adjust to a touchscreen are Netflix, VLC and Plex.

While some Windows 10 apps aren’t as powerful as their traditional formats, they do have the advantages of easy updating through the Windows Store, seamless functioning with built in media controls like volume, pause, and next buttons, and by default, the interfaces support the touch ability.

WIndows 10 is better than ever.

8) Multiple Desktops

We all know what it’s like to run multiple applications simultaneously and experience the frustration of not having enough screen space. It can be confusing, as well as difficult and time-consuming, to move apps between desktops. Windows 10 solves that problem by enabling multiple desktops. It’s now easy to move windows between desktops and move between desktops with a simple “Win-Tab” click.

Average users may not have much cause to enjoy this feature, but for those of us who make a living sitting in front of our computers, this feature will make our lives easier as we move between work and our favorite cat videos.

Win 10 Desktops

9) Windows 10 is now a service

Microsoft has plans to develop Windows 10 into a service rather than a finished and unchanging product. Presently, the service option applies only to businesses and not home users, although that may change in the future.

The fact that Microsoft will keep adding new apps, features and updates to Windows 10 for as long as you own the device that has it installed. This s a boon for businesses and other enterprises, particularly those concerned with security. It’s nice to have ongoing patches and security updates delivered regularly, but if you feel the need, then you can defer updates from downloading on their own, instead scheduling them for a more convenient time.

There is also a Business option for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. This option will give you the same updates, but allow you to control when they are applied. This enables management to rollout new features to the computers of different employees on a staggered schedule.

10) Integration of Xbox features

The feature that all gamers love — built-in game capture constantly records your gaming sessions. It allows you to grab a snapshot of the last 30 seconds of gameplay. This means no more having to describe your world-class gaming skills to others, now you can actually record that one-in-a-million shot for posterity.

Microsoft also guarantees that this feature will work with “every game ever.” So whether you’re a Farmville Fanatic, Candy Crusher or Halo’s Master Chief, you’ll always be able to prove up your skills and abilities.