Big Data is changing the face of IT in India.Big data and analytics have been shown to be a breakthrough technology for enterprises in recent times. And why would they not be? More and more Indian enterprises have realized the potential of having data-focused strategies along with the corresponding data analytics capability.

According to a global 2015 study, The State of Big Data Infrastructure: Benchmarking Global Big Data Users to Drive Future Performance, conducted by CA Technologies, big data is making its presence felt. Despite the numerous challenges faced by Indian organizations, the value of big data is widely recognized and appreciated: 44 percent of respondents have already implemented a big data project, with an additional 35 percent planning to do so in the coming year.

Additionally, approximately 12 percent of Indian respondents report having already implemented four big data projects — quite an encouraging figure. Implementing big data into business operations helps enterprises stay ahead of the competition, which indirectly leads to more profits and better business.

So, what are the different benefits offered by big data to Indian firms? How has it changed the way business is conducted? In this article, I answer these questions and even take a brief look at some of the most popular big data certifications in India.

How Big Data Positively Impacts Business Processes

Big data has led Indian companies to focus on their infrastructure, which is one of the most significant challenges most companies here face. Whether they restructure their existing infrastructure or build the right infrastructure from scratch, firms have started to implement the correct measures.

Big data is also allowing businesses to ensure that there is appropriate visibility into the information and processes, throughout the entire organization. It appears that the main drivers for the transformation of IT systems and infrastructure in India are:

  • The business process or operational efficiencies
  • Enhancing the customer experience (or engagement) and communication
  • Improved governance and compliance

Clearly, Indian enterprises are increasingly taking it upon themselves to ensure that these parameters are in place through optimal use of big data.

And if you still think that big data is only useful because of its huge scale (mountains of digital data), then you may need to think again! Big data also helps to execute real-time testing of business strategies. We can all agree that big data is generating new growth opportunities for existing Indian firms.

But, it is also creating opportunities for totally different and new categories of companies focused on capturing and analyzing crucial data related to buyers and suppliers, products and services, consumer preferences, and intent.

Benefits Offered by Big Data to Indian Companies

According to the results of the CA Technologies study discussed above, there are a number of important reasons Indian companies are implementing big data strategies.

Enhancing the customer’s experience seems to be the number one reason to utilize big data: 60 percent of the study’s respondents say that improving customer experience is driving their organization’s need for big data projects, and 54 percent say that their reason for using big data projects is to attract more customers.

And the proof is in the pudding: 90 percent of the responding organizations report that they have already experienced, or anticipate experiencing, more effective targeting and marketing towards their customers. And 88 percent are seeing or anticipating increased revenues.

For firms implementing big data analytics, the quality of the services being offered to customers has started to gradually improve. Several companies are also able to target more specific prospects by using prior knowledge about the prospects’ interests through the use of advanced data analytics tools.

For example, businesses are increasingly using social media platforms to target potential customers. This provides a win-win situation for everyone, as even the social media sites are able to generate revenue from the ads being displayed to consumers.

And, of course, this helps to establish a connection between the businesses and relevant end consumers. It is evident that big data has opened the gates for well targeted marketing campaigns as well, which allows businesses to target customers with customised choices for products and services.

Big Data is changing the face of IT in India.Another way in which businesses are using big data and analytics is to identify emerging trends in the marketplace. This has given many startups and existing companies the ability to venture into new markets without investing massive amounts of capital. It has also increased their ability to innovate and offer new services or products.

Moreover, the real-time and high-frequency nature of big data has made it possible for enterprises to come up with quick answers to customer queries in real time. It has also empowered businesses to quickly make business decisions based on hard-facts and emerging trends.

The advantages of big data discussed here have made it possible for organizations to achieve better revenue, better profits and a much better competitive positioning — all at lower costs and within a shorter time frame.

Big Data Certifications in India

Let us now look at some reputable certification courses offered by popular training institutes in India.

  • The Big Data and Hadoop Certification Training, offered by Simplilearn, enables candidates to gain the essential skills of Hadoop 2.7. It even gives you exposure to the required work experience in Big Data Hadoop by implementing real-life industry projects spanned across three months. The course involves 36 hours of instructor-led training, along with 24 hours of e-learning.
  • The Big Data and Analytics Program (BDAP), offered by the highly reputable management institute S P Jain, is a one-of-a-kind certificate program. Students develop a thorough understanding of big data analysis through either a full-time or a part-time study option. A variety of topics, such as data mining, machine learning, visualization techniques, data architecture and predictive modelling, are covered during the course.
  • The Big Data Specialization Course, offered by Jigsaw Academy, is aimed at allowing students to pursue a career in big data and analytics. Students are empowered with the necessary skills through this instructor-led course over about 32 weeks (approximately 10 hours per week). It focuses on Big Data Hadoop and the associated modules, using R programming.

Big Data is here to stay. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are implementing it as a way to better connect with customers and snatch-up market share. In the future as more information (data) is gathered on a continuous basis, the importance of real-time analysis will be even more evident, and the need for skilled and certified professionals even more acute.

I hope that the above information about the impact of Big Data on Indian companies, its advantages and the best certifications prove useful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your comments below and, as always, thanks for reading!