With the right certification, a career in programming can be yours.C++ is one of the world’s most widely used programming languages. Bjarne Stroustrup of Bell Labs is regarded as being the brains behind its development. As a university student, Stroustrup was often agitated at the unavailability of a programming language that offered fast performance and high-level program organization features.

It’s often been said that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and the same thing happened here. Stroustrup went on to code his own programming language which he initially termed “C with classes” (soon renamed to a more colloquially acceptable C++). His goal was to develop a language that would ensure an efficiently compiled code while simultaneously providing a higher abstraction level.

Since its inception in 1978, developers have used C++ for different purposes. Many operating systems have been written in C++, including Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and even the Apple OS X.

Additionally, many other globally renowned companies still make use of C++ as their core programming language — all Adobe Systems products are written in C++; almost all of the software developed by Microsoft, including the whole Office Suite, is written in C++; MySQL was also developed in C++; and the list goes on and on.

While there are many desirable features associated with C++, the best is its ease of use. The syntax is not at all hard to grasp, and a developer can quickly get the hang of it.

Although C++ can easily be ported to different flavors of the Windows OS, it’s not platform-independent — a primary reason many end up settling for other languages. C++ is object-oriented and abides by all the OOP related concepts. It is also case-sensitive and has support for pointers which provide for the efficient performance of applications.

C++ is prevalent in Pakistan and India, because almost all students are taught it at the very start of their graduation tenure. Students develop a comfort with C++ from the beginning and they normally write their first projects using it.

There are many reasons why universities believe that C++ is the right choice at the start of a developer’s career. One of them is that it’s simplistic, easy to grasp, and contains all the concepts that are found in other object oriented programming languages. Experts also believe that once you have an understanding of the syntax used in C++ when writing a program, making the transition to additional languages is much easier.

Another reason for the popularity of C++ in Pakistan and India is that there are a lot of jobs available for skilled practitioners. Many software companies are building powerful desktop applications that use C++ as a core component, and it’s often used to code desktop applications that are memory and performance efficient.

C++ Certification

Once you know what field you are going to dive deep into, then you can begin the process of expanding your expertise. The C++ Institute, the world’s leading organization to offer a high stakes C/C++ certification program, supports the certification. They currently offer certification at three different levels:


The foundation level of certification is the C++ Certified Associate Programmer (CAP). Credentialed individuals possess knowledge of basic programming concepts, traditions, techniques, syntax and commonly used library functions.

A foundation level certification not only helps a developer in standing out in the job market, it also enables them to be certain that they are fundamentally competent in the C++ paradigm. For those on the lookout for a head start at the beginning of their professional careers, this is a certification worth the effort.


The Certified Professional Programmer certification (CPP) gives holders advanced knowledge of C++ concepts. They are able to demonstrate advanced programming techniques, traditions, syntax, and are aware of some advanced level library functions. They are also able to create complex algorithms and code solutions to higher level problems.

An advanced level certification declares your passion for C++. It shows that you take C++ development seriously and it gives you a position of respected expertise. This is a great way to advertise your extensive C++ experience and skills.


The Certified Senior Programmer (CPS) is the highest level of C++ certification. Credentialed professionals possess the highest level understanding and experience of C++ customs, programming techniques, library functions and algorithm building and are able to solve complex coding problems and create complex and efficient algorithms.

CPS certification validates that you possess the highest level of C++ skills and experience. The expert level of certification helps you get hired and excel in the most demanding job positions — ensuring an excellent income in the process. It allows you to show to the world that you have reached the pinnacle of C++ knowledge and experience.

Certification can advance your career in computer programming.Opportunity awaits

Because applications of C++ as a programming language are almost limitless, expertise opens a wide variety of employment opportunities. Certified individuals are qualified to work in software and algorithm engineering, embedded programming, virtualization, Linux based networking, and desktop application development.

While there have been many modern applications, like Java, C#, Python and Scala to name just a few, that have succeeded C++, and may exceed it in some of the functionalities and simplicity, the need for C++ development has not declined at all. Software giants are still developing state of the art software using this programming language. It’s a safe bet that C++ is not going away anytime soon.

Any C++ certification is a valuable complement to a successful programing career.