What were GoCertify India's top articles in 2017?It’s a busy time of year in the United States (where the world headquarters of GoCertify India is located), but we haven’t forgotten about our Indian readers. As the calendar runs out on 2017, we’re thinking about the (recent) past, even while looking to the (near) future.

Before 2018 gets here, however, we wanted to recap some of our highs from 2017. There’s a lot of great content here at GoCertify India: more than 110 IT certification practice exams, and more than 200 IT certification articles. That’s a lot of valuable information for anyone in IT.

We’ve looked at the stats, and drummed up a list of the most popular IT certification articles during the 2017 calendar year. Not all of these articles originated in 2017, but they are ones most frequently accessed by visitors to the site. If you’re looking to brush up your IT knowledge, then maybe one of these can help.

Without further ado, here are 10 Most Popular Articles of 2017:

1) MCSE Server Infrastructure is India’s top Microsoft cert (by Chetan Pinto)

2) The pros and cons of Project Management Professional (PMP) certification (by Atirakshit Bhatt)

3) The five hottest programming languages in India (by Tasneem Sayeed)

4) The most in-demand networking certs in India (by Shiraj Kohli)

5) Digital India: How quickly is progress being made? (by Rahul Dasgupta)

6) The IT capital of India is (To Be Determined) (by Rahul Dasgupta)

7) Five top certification for mobile app developers in India (by Sarvesh Lodha)

8) CISSP: The most sought-after IT security certification in India (by Parves Kamal)

9) The five most pernicious computer virus threats in India (by Parves Kamal)

10) Is a career in cryptography right for you? (by Bayad Kanza)