MOS certification can help you succeed in IT.Information technology (IT) owes a lot of its prevalence to Microsoft. Their software has made our day-to-day work lives much easier. From reducing errors in accounting to writing business reports and proposals with convenience, every bit of office work has become easier. Initially released in 1990, Microsoft Office is now ubiquitous, and used countless times a day in offices of every size and shape around the world.

To help the millions using Microsoft Office on a regular basis, the company offers certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). MOS is arguably the most practically useful certification in businesses today. MOS enables you to tap the core features of Microsoft Office resulting in increased confidence, performance and differentiation. MOS certification is extremely popular, with more than 1 million exams taken each year, in more than 140 countries.

In academia, MOS provides students with a competitive advantage that helps them in school and prepares them for future employment opportunities. In businesses, MOS maximizes the productivity and efficiency of employees and the organization. Also, MOS prepares the prospective candidates such that they are ready with the skills required by their employers.

During the past 20 years, India has seen an exponential growth in the field of IT. With pervasive technology and widespread awareness, computers are now reaching even the once-forgotten rural landscape of the nation.

Our governmental and business leaders are acutely aware of the importance of making India IT-literate, and are taking enormous strides toward that goal. A nation of 1.25 billion people is fast becoming a land of skilled technocrats — and MOS certification is playing a crucial role.

Internet has connectivity has made it possible for anyone to become well-versed in IT skills. As competition for jobs grows stiffer, so too does the level of expectation for entry-level employees. Regardless of the type of business one works in, it is quite necessary for all entry-level employees to be certified in MOS skills.

Being acquainted with Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations is a pre-requisite in today’s business and education landscapes. MOS is the basic proof of the computer skills you carry.

Conversely, a lack of proficiency with basic Microsoft Office applications inhibits learning in academics for students and hinders classroom progression. For employees, lack of knowledge means lost productivity and reduction in the ability to cope with on-the-job training.

MOS certifications test the basic knowledge of various Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. Individuals can elect to certify in any of the Microsoft programs. For our purposes, we will address the most common applications:


This is the word-processing application used primarily to write reports and proposals. Any environment that needs words on a page requires the use of this tool. Being proficient in Word is a prerequisite almost entirely irrespective of your desired work environment.

This wonderfully designed application allows you to create and manage documents, format text, create tables and lists, apply references and insert and format objects. Just about anything you can imagine doing with a text-based document can be done in Word.


Excel is Office’s number-crunching application, and is the spreadsheet of choice among computer users. The usage of Excel among professionals who deal with numbers is almost universal. Certified individuals are able to create and manage worksheets and workbooks; create cells, ranges and tables; compile charts and graphs; and apply formulas and functions.

These skills aren’t just useful in an office environment, but are also beneficial for private use for anything that may require tracking and analysis, such as a household budgets, or personal hobby.


This slideshow presentation tool is useful when you need to present or communicate any information in a professional manner. PowerPoint is one of the best digital platforms to capture and project your ideas. It is primarily used by students and business employees to present ideas and projects, is but also beneficial to anyone who needs to present information in a clear, cogent and consistent manner.

PowerPoint certification enables you to create and manage presentations, create and insert shapes and slides, and apply transitions and animations. From the classroom to the corner-office, this is a powerful and useful tool.


This is Microsoft’s personal information manager application. It is most often used as an e-mail tool, but it also includes a calendar, task manager, note taker, journal and a web browser. Credentialed individuals will have great proficiency in managing messages, schedules, contacts, and groups.


Access is a database management system. This is a useful tool for developing apps. Access stores data in its own format, and can also import or link directly to data stored in other applications and databases. With Access, you can create and manage databases, build tables, and create queries, forms and impressive reports.

MOS exams

MOS exams typically take 90 minutes to complete and are conducted in a live or simulated environment. They are primarily performance-based, with candidates required to perform certain tasks in order to demonstrate their skills. Some questions are compound, requiring students to complete tasks that build on one another.

Grading is instantaneous — results are displayed on your computer screen immediately upon completion of the exam. If you clear the exam Microsoft will send you, via post, an official certificate.

MOS exams are reasonably priced, at just $95 (U.S.), or ₹6,400 — a cost-effective investment that every individual aspiring to use a computer should be making. All MOS exams are administered by Certiport. To ask additional questions about schedules, locations, and registration click here.

MOS certification can help you succeed in IT.An MOS certification is beneficial for anyone who believes in using technology to make life better. Microsoft Office is a domain in itself and knowledge of its various programs is almost mandatory for working with a computer in a business environment. Be it a student, employee or employer, everyone should be well acquainted with these tools.

With the knowledge and skills that an MOS certification provides one can easily fetch jobs like that of a data analyst, document controller or administrative officer with an opening salary range of 3-5 LPA (lakhs per annum). Combined with certain skills like SEO and email marketing, a candidate can be worthy of getting solid marketing profiles with salary greater than 6 LPA. For any graduate, seeking a job in a reputed organisation, MOS certification is a must.