Oracle DBA certification can be a winner for any Indian IT pro.With the increasing number of IT professionals in India, competitiveness amongst peers for job openings and designations is on the rise. Recent trends have shown a substantial increase in the number of engineers being employed all over India in diverse fields, ranging from programming to content management, to web development and design.

While this healthy rate of employment does lead to growth of the economy and working individuals, it also requires IT professionals to enhance their skills through learning programs and official certifications. Certifications offered by numerous corporate IT giants are instrumental in helping people bag lucrative jobs and, in some cases, even switch careers.

Data is the lifeline of any business the world over. Organizations rely heavily on static and dynamic data for business solutions and networking prospects. In such a scenario, the database management system demands professionals that are not only well-trained, but have experience with live projects. This increased reliance on databases has led to a corresponding increase in professionals trained in database administration (DBA).

The most popular DBA credential in India is the Oracle Database Administrator cert offered by Oracle. With 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies using Oracle software this is a hot cert with lots of opportunities. Pursued by many, this certification — available at the Associate, Professional and Master levels — offers individuals an opportunity to master the concepts of database on a basic and advanced level.

What makes Oracle DBA So Important?

Oracle’s DBA Certification holds immense prestige in the IT sector because of the responsibilities that come along with it. DBAs handle large-scale sophisticated databases with sensitive and confidential information at a senior level. They have control over an organization’s most crucial information.

Most of the advanced Oracle DBA credentials require years of perseverance and hard work on the part of the candidate. While it may also include several years of college preparation, many professionals do not start learning Oracle before completing their graduation. Candidates are expected to be consistently motivated with persistent commitment towards the job even in adverse scenarios.

For many, the job that ultimately comes with an Oracle DBA certification can be stressful and less rewarding, sometimes requiring long hours even on weekends and national holidays. Working nights and weekends, actually, is fairly commonplace among Oracle DBAs. Dedication beyond the call of duty is the price of a more sustained career in this field.

Apart from the strong foundation provided by official certification, there are three other skills that complement an Oracle DBA Certification. They are:

Outstanding communication skills. You can’t begin to solve a problem if you can’t understand a client’s complaints and concerns, and then communicate possible solutions effectively to clients, team members and end-users. College-level communication skills, inculcating verbal and written skills are most helpful in this arena.

A business management degree. While many may see the DBA certification as something belonging to the IT Sector, Indian DBAs are required to have a degree in Business Management. IT today is so intertwined with the daily operations of business that it is of the utmost importance to understand sophisticated business methodologies before venturing into database administration. Individuals without a business degree tend to take longer to grasp the skills required to be a successful DBA.

Experience is crucial. Before pursuing a DBA certification, it is advisable for professionals to have sufficient skills in managing databases. Coupled with years of experience, professionals in the IT sector are able to carve out respectable places for themselves in the business world.

What does it taken to earn an Oracle DBA certification?

With a higher than average salary, this cert has emerged as the “new threshold between talent and opportunity.” Follow the steps below and you’ll be set to enter the world of an Oracle DBA.

An associate level DBA certification is the first offered by Oracle. Candidates are required to clear any two of the following three exams:

1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i SQL — This multiple-choice question exam has a two hour time limit. A passing score is 71. Candidates must be experienced with SQL programming as they will need to show proficiency in reading and writing SQL statements.

1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert — This exam covers the same material as the 1Z0-007 exam, only at an expert level. There are 76 topics on this exam. Candidates need to control objects, system level queries, and manipulate and control privileges. There is a two-hour time limit on the multiple-choice exam. A clearing score is 66 percent.

1Z0-051 Oracle database 11g: SQL Fundamentals — This one covers the same material as the 1Z0-007, but with newer content. Candidates must also understand set-up and conditional operators. The exam is also multiple-choice with a duration of two hours. A clearing score is 60 percent.

One you have cleared two of the above exams, candidates get to attempt the 1Z0-052 Oracle database 11g: Administration I exam. To clear this exam, candidates need to set up and secure network environments then create and manage multiple storage structures — especially with database backup and recovery. The exam is multiple-choice with a 90 minute duration. A passing score is 66 percent.

GCI Database young woman with tabletOf course there are fees for taking each of the exams, and can they do add up. Additionally, if you fail to clear an exam you will have to wait at least 14 days before taking it again. The waiting time can be even longer for proctored exams — you will have to wait for the next scheduled exam. If you clear all the exams, congratulations, you are on the road to success as an Oracle certified DBA.

Earning any Oracle cert can be a difficult task. If one commits to the goal with enthusiasm and energy, however, the eventual aim is within the reach of a solid IT pro. With the rising infrastructure in IT and the emergence of Big Data and other data oriented sectors, the importance of an Oracle DBA certification will only increase.

An Oracle DBA certification is more than just establishing a career in database management. It’s also about pursuing a career where you get to manage the data lifeline of an organization. Preparation, persistence, and perseverance are the key in securing this most sought-after IT certification in India.