What the top IT certs that are specific to the Indian IT realm?It never hurts to be prepared for a change in your employment situation. One way is to be experienced and competent at your job. While it’s good to be experienced, however, it’s even better to be experienced and certified! Having the right certifications can go a long way in helping you avoid the dreaded sacking.

In this post, I’ll share some of the more popular IT certification companies and certs specific to India. Whether you are a fresher or already working, these in-country certs are sure to give a fillip, and have the potential to greatly enhance your monthly take home.

C-DAC Certification Courses

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a research and development organization which carries out R&D in IT, Electronics and other associated areas, is an enterprise of the Indian government under the purview of DeitY (Department of Electronics and Information Technology).

As a center of advanced research, and having the backing of government funding, C-DAC has the unique advantage of offering the right sets of equipment and technologies essential to nurturing the learning mind in newer, more advanced technologies. Few, if any, private institutions are able to compete in offering similar certification courses.

C-DAC certification courses are generally post-graduate diploma (PGD) courses that offer advanced training in specialized niche areas. Some of their more comprehensive and popular certs include:

  • Advanced and Mobile Computing
  • VLSI Design
  • Embedded Systems and Design
  • IT Infrastructure
  • System and Security
  • Big Data Analytics
  • SCADA Systems.

C-DAC courses are known to be rigorous and require a lot of effort on the part of participants. The reward, however, is likely to be worth the effort. C-DAC certification diplomas are highly valued in India’s IT market, and many people have recounted its merits at the time of applying for job positions. Although it doesn’t guarantee a job, it definitely increases your likelihood of getting hired.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is currently a hot IT domain, and expected to remain so for the foreseeable future. All organizations, regardless of size or scale, are discovering that conventional sources of marketing and lead generation have become obsolete. We live in a connected world where people are always online through mobile phones or some other avenue. In this scenario, digital marketing takes the pole position for highly sought skills, and the revolution is just beginning.

The Industry leader for digital marketing is NIIT, an Indian multinational company that offers learning management and training in delivery solutions. Established in 1981, NIIT has been a pioneer in organized IT training and today spans the length and breadth of India’s IT industry through its multiple training centers. NIIT is recognized as the go-to shop for practicing professionals, and college graduates, particularly in the areas of banking, management, analytics and IT.

While NIIT offers a number of certifications, their Digital Marketing and Social Media cert (GNIIT) is foremost. Successful completion will certainly lead to one’s becoming a digital marketing executive. Candidates gain a breadth of understanding of digital marketing, tools and techniques, strategy formation, customer acquisition and brand creation. With disciplinary electives candidates can focus on specific digital marketing areas — Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing.

The GNIIT course is designed so that candidates can fit it in with their regular college education. NIIT’s Cloud campus, makes learning convenient — candidates can learn anytime and anyplace.

Business Analytics

Big Data refers to the massive volumes of data produced in everyday customer transactions. Most of this data is user-generated content, and drilling out useful information from it requires skill. Unfortunately, sometimes the data is so big and complex that it’s difficult to detect trends and derive meaning. Analytics, the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data, enables deeper insights into business trends and a more informed process of decision making. Analytics is relatively new and quickly becoming the next “big thing.”

Great Lakes Institute of Management (Great Lakes) offers a one-year post-graduate program in business analytics and intelligence (PGP-BA/BI). Certification candidates gain extensive exposure and experience in business foundations and a “comprehensive knowledge of analytic techniques.”

PGP-BA/BI is a demanding certification. The course work requires 340 hours of learning, consisting of 240 classroom hours and 100 online hours. Candidates must also complete a Capstone project in the field of Business Analytics. Fortunately, the course is also designed to be accommodating to working professionals. All classes are streamed live, recorded and online for constant access.

NIIT also offers business analytics certification courses as well. Details about the NIIT program can be found here. Although business analytics graduate programs are fairly new, industry experts anticipate that the demand for data science over the next 10 to 20 years will grow to more than $55 billion (U.S.).

Hardware and Networking Engineering

What the top IT certs that are specific to the Indian IT realm?As IT solutions become more important for organizations, and more resources are devoted to this domain, IT professionals will have plenty of career opportunities. A recent CompTIA study found that, “India is expected to lead the world in corporate IT spending with a 6.9 percent increase.” With the exploding use of digital media, and with networking playing a pivotal role in connecting tens of billions of devices, this is an unbeatable field, and is sure to keep increasing.

Reputable institutes offering specialized courses in hardware and networking are rare. Jetking Infotrain, Ltd. (Jetking) is one of the premier Indian institutes offering advanced courses in this domain. Jetking’s claim is that they follow a “unique industry-first structure” that puts them ahead of the league. They believe in this claim so much that they back their courses with a 100 percent Job Placement guarantee. What more can a participant ask for?

The Jetking Certified Hardware and Networking Engineer certification (JCHNE Cloud) is quite popular for its comprehensive knowledge and skills. Certificate holders are authenticated in managing difficult hardware and networking challenges. The JCHNE Cloud cert is a 12 month program divided into four modules that cover a variety of subjects ranging from basic hardware and networking up to and including the implementation of Cisco devices and network administration.

As mentioned above, Jetking is known for its placement of graduates. They presently have more than 10,000 placement partners and, to date, have placed more than 3.5 lakhs certificate holders in the industry.

For a more complete list Jetking’s hardware and networking courses and requirements click here.

IT is booming and there are plenty of training options and certifications available and specific to India. However, there are also a range of international certifications that meet international standards, and that have very strong visibility outside of India. Some of the companies offering these certs include Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and others.

Whether you decide to pursue your It certs internationally or from one of the above Indian institutes, I wish you the best in your career path!