What will the future of GoCertify India look like? What do YOU think it should look like?Hello to everyone who, even for just a few minutes, even in passing, has ever called GoCertify India “home” on the internet. The web is enormous and exciting in 2017. There are plenty of other places that you could go to spend the hours or minutes in your day set aside for web browsing. We’re deeply grateful to everyone who spends any amount of that time here.

Since bursting onto the internet in April 2015, like a spontaneous combustion of IT certification advice, information, and educational insight, we’ve tried to shine a light on various facets of both certification and the wider IT realm. We’ve walked an engaging and challenging road since then, and we hope to have our feet firmly planted here for years to come.

Because we’re doing all of this to benefit what we hope is our core constituency of Indian certified IT professionals, we wanted to take a moment this week to ask you what (if anything) you think we could do to make GoCertify India better. How can we serve your needs more effectively? Are there things we’re not doing that we should be doing?

GoCertify India started out with an ambitious publication schedule that has since been scaled back a couple of times. We know that the site currently generates new content at what could only be considered a snail’s pace in the fast-moving information technology realm. On the other hand, we have a sizable archive of valuable articles and other content.

Suppose that today a first-time visitor were to surf up to GoCertify India’s digital doorstep with no prior knowledge of the site and be intrigued by what they found here. That individual could probably spend several days reading backwards and digging through our digital annals.

We think all of that is a good place to start, but websites that endure the passage of time have to evolve. So, yes we’re asking you to @ us on Twitter (@GoCertify_India), or even just respond in the comments section for this article. What do you like and enjoy about GoCertify India as presently constituted, and what do you hope to see or experience here in the future?

You let us know what you’d like the future of GoCertify India to look like. We’ll do our best to guide and shape the site to meet those expectations. It’s going to take time. Bangaluru wasn’t built in a day, however, and good things come to those who wait. And especially to those who give input. We’d sincerely like to have yours.

Thanks for visiting GoCertify India, and come around again! We’re passionate about IT certification, but we also like meeting people and making friends.