The top tech companies in India offer many perks to employees.Regardless of the profession, most people want the best they can have in life. This pursuit of the best homes, cars, and lifestyles never seems to end. It’s a large part of why we get out of bed in the morning.

This drive to acquire the best applies as well to IT professionals and employers. Employers are always looking for look for the best talent at the best price, and IT pros want the best jobs at the highest salary.

India is the world leader in business start-ups and the trend is upward — in 2014 there were 3,100 startups. Predictions are that the number will climb to more than 11,500 new startups in 2020. While these startups range across all industries, they will all have a common need: skilled IT professionals to help them meet their objectives.

Deciding which enterprise to work for isn’t a simple matter. The biggest employer isn’t necessarily the best. Certain factors such as work/life balance, job-security, salary and benefits, management and work culture define organizations and make them more or less desirable.

While individual preferences vary, below are four of India’s top tech companies that are consistently rated as the best place for IT pros to work. (Note: Opinions may differ, but again it’s all about perspective!)

Google India

Across the board Google India is rated one of the best organizations to work for. This is an organization that really nurtures and supports innovation. The scope for employee creativity at work is its unique selling proposition. Google’s work environment is second to none. It is colorful and designed to facilitate innovation. The dress code is also relaxed.

Each Friday, Google hosts TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) after 4 p.m., where employees mingle and work together. Such an environment allows the employees access to collaboration and new ideas.

Compensation is, of course, excellent, and employees have the responsibility to craft and manage their own careers — and supervisors are encouraged to support them in doing so. Employees find the work challenging enough to keep them interested, and for most the work/life balance is fantastic, presenting them with ample opportunities to break from work. Employees can relax at a pool table, in-house gym (with trainers), football or just a quick nap in one of the sleep pods. The company cafeteria offers three free meals a day, as well as free unlimited snacks for employees.

There is also a great deal of flexibility with work schedules — work from home, flex-scheduling, and other options are available. The transportation perk is also singular. Other IT companies provide transport facilities such as office cabs but few match Google’s high standard of providing individual cabs to its employees.

Google does offer health benefits to employees, and is a pioneer in providing preventive health checkups for spouses of employees.

SAP Labs India

Employees say that working at SAP is fun and that contributes to an awesome work culture. Ample amounts of open area utilized as gardens, basketball courts, etc., give the work space a home-like feeling. It goes without saying that it keeps the spirits high and employees seem eager to take challenges head on. Speaking of home, employees are allowed to work from home for four days in a month or one day in a week.

SAP also provides a crèche service for employees with children between the ages of nine-months and six-years. This enables employees to focus on their work and visit with their little ones during breaks and lunch. SAP also offers cab transportation during and post-pregnancy for female employees.

The company contributes to the overall growth and aspirations of its employees with higher education programs such as MBA programs, car lease policies, and voluntary activities among other benefits. They pay a lot of attention in training its employees and the health benefits are excellent. The salary is good enough to sustain employees coupled with other significant benefits.

Employees have high praise for the “lack of hierarchy” in the company. Management is viewed as easily approachable, employee ideas and suggestions are taken seriously, and employees are given the freedom and space to manage their career and outside interests.


Infosys is a global leader in consulting, tech and outsourcing. The company is one of India’s most popular IT brands, especially among freshers who view it as a place filled with opportunity for those willing to work hard.

Infosys nurtures not only clients, but employees as well. Through the Infosys Leadership Institute employees are able to participate in extensive training programs designed to prepare them for future opportunities within the company. Another aspect of Infosys that excites their employees is the focus on Design Thinking to effect cultural change in IT. The company schedules regular workshops to “empower and change” the mindset of employees enabling them to better offer customer solutions.

While there is the usual recognition for good work, which serves as a motivating factor especially at the junior level, and good salaries, employees say that the best part of Infosys is the sense of ownership for driving projects coupled with collaboration among employees.

Infosys is seen as by far the best company for freshers. They build great level of skills and professional discipline.


Ranked India’s Number One company to work for in 2015, RMSI is a relatively small operation with less than 850 employees.

As a global IT services provider, RMSI and its employees work on solving worldwide problems in a manner that makes them feel appreciated and valued. An environment of recognizing and rewarding performance encourages and supports teamwork, innovation and creativity. There are also fast-track programs for really high achievers.

The top tech companies in India offer many perks to employees.RMSI doesn’t just care about their employees while at work, but in their personal lives as well. They provide some serious health benefits, and a multitude of free workshops dealing with life-skills, stress management, and a host of other issues. They also pay particular attention to the safety and health of female employees by offering self-defense workshops, free pepper spray, and sessions dealing with women’s safety and civil rights. Female employees also have access to extended maternity leave, flexible work schedules, including work from home options, and sabbaticals.

Management is approachable and sincere. They have established a work culture where “People are respected and valued, performance is nurtured, creativity and excellence are encouraged, and leadership and teamwork rewarded.”

To help employees blow-off-steam RMSI sponsors employee sport tournaments and classes in music, photography, dancing and other areas of interest. Management’s goal is to help develop, not only an employee’s IT skills, but their total personality as well.

Where will you work?

As mentioned above, employment is a personal choice. All organizations have different proportions of good and bad characteristics. One size does not fit all, and for the IT job seeker it’s all about the best fit, and that depends on individual requirements and circumstances.

Being caught up in the wrong job may always not point to a mismatch of the job profile. It may just be an absence of factors that one is looking for. So know your work style, research thoroughly and choose wisely!