The top IT employers in India aren't very ... Indian.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Everyone knows that India’s booming economy and its soaring population of skilled IT professionals are attractive to technology companies. The Indian IT scene has been thriving for decades, long before the country ascended to its current lofty status as home of the world’s fastest-growing economy.

The present generation of Indian IT pros are starting their own companies and pushing the edge of the IT envelope, making room for themselves on the global technology stage. In its formative years, however, the Indian IT scene was anchored by foreign tech companies opening offices in India.

At least in one sense, things haven’t changed much, despite the growing prestige and importance of India’s homegrown tech startups. Earlier this year, employment facilitator Indeed released a list of the 50 best employers in India, based on reviews submitted by Indeed users between 2015 and 2017.

Google is rated the best place to work in India, period, but you have to read down the list all the way to No. 24 to pull out 10 tech firms. Well, 11, but HP Enterprise and HP Inc. are really two sides of the same coin, so that makes room for Cognizant at the bottom of the list.

Take a look, then, a the top IT employers in India:

1) Google

2) Amazon

3) Intel

4) IBM

5) Tata Consultancy Services

6) Cisco

7) Microsoft

8) SAP

9) HP (HP Enterprise and HP Inc.)

10) Cognizant Technology Solutions

One of the first things to pop out of a quick scan down that list is the absence of India’s own tech name brands. Tata Consultancy Services, at No. 5, is the only Indian firm on the list. Eight other companies are U.S. firms with a large presence in India, and the ninth, SAP, is based in Germany.

There’s no doubt that U.S. tech employers have deep roots in India. Indian nationals like Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hold some of the top positions at the U.S. companies with the largest Indian footprints. Clearly, India and the U.S. have a symbiotic and synergistic tech relationship.

Which Indian firm will be the next one, like Tata, to break into the ranks of India’s top tech employers? Time will tell.